Lily Johnson White

"Bombay Beach is a wildly strange and mesmerizing place. Decades of artists and filmmakers making their pilgrimage there is proof of this. We at the Biennale are committed to making sure that relationship between the place and its visitors is a true partnership. We have seen and experienced that there is a symbiotic and powerful relationship between the artists and the town. Our goal is to act as agents to care for and shepherd this meaningful balance of inspiration and partnership. My hope is that The Bombay Beach Biennale and the relationships we are forming there will illuminate and validate the regenerative powers of this kind of creative collaboration."

Lily Johnson White

Mother, Lover, Champion of Artists and Maverick Minds. 

Born in New York City in 1980, Lily has traveled and explored the world in constant search of the unique lessons they don’t write in books. By the age of nine, traveling with an eccentric and untamable mother, she had dined on cows blood under the stars with the Massai at Hog Ranch in Kenya, learned to clean a salmon in Alaska while keeping hungry grizzlies at bay with her Colt 45, and been schooled on the nuances of tire pressure in the Monte Carlo Grand Prix by Brazil’s Ayrton Senna. It is this great curiosity and allergy to conformity that have framed Lily's life. 

She graduated from The New School University in 2004 with a degree in Art History. Following which she worked between New York, London and Paris for luxury companies I Pezzi Dipinti and CoutureLab; collaborating with master artisans and craftsmen to create priceless bespoke pieces of wearable art. In 2006 she co-founded and designed the swimwear line Impala Praia that was launched in both the States and Brazil. 

She has spent the last decade working as a designer, producer, investor, activist, and philanthropist, as well as raising her two sons. She runs one of her family’s charitable foundations, The Children's Trust, while also sitting on the Board of Directors for Creative Time and React to Film in New York, and Golden Children in Cambodia. 

She dedicates her time to helping artists, entrepreneurs, and filmmakers bring their work to wider audiences. Besides raising her two wild and beautiful sons, her greatest passion is supporting projects and people that highlight the power art has to change the world. In 2016 she co-founded the Bombay Beach Biennale with Tao Ruspoli and Stefan Ashkenazy. 

Lily, her husband, artist Alexander Sandy White, along with their two sons, and other partners live in Southern CA.