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Greg Haberny SUITE 406

Open now through March 10th at Petit Ermitage Hotel

Next Stop: The Last Resort at Bombay Beach

Greg Haberny has transformed Suite 406 into art magic madness as the current artist in residence at Petit Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood. Available immediately for reservation, the suite is a visual feast, an eclectic wonderland, a kaleidoscopic experience.  Everything is topsy-turvy, the art oozes, and swirls with raw pulsing vibration, a chaos of painted and sculpted Greg-ness where nothing in the room seems to work, yet there is a logic dictated by the artist via his articulated extraction of raw materials and fantastical isolation and layering of forms and an array of superb painted works that adorn the walls. All artwork in the room is offered for sale to benefit the 2018 Bombay Beach Biennale, taking place in mid-March.

After the exhibition, the room will be re-constructed in a shipping container and moved to Bombay Beach, where it will become the first room of The Last Resort - a forthcoming "hotel de ville" of the strange desert town that has become the epicenter of a living, breathing art movement. 

As one of the founding creative partners of The Bombay Beach Biennale, Haberny leads this renegade and immersive art experience on the edge of the Salton Sea CA. The spirit of Bombay Beach challenges any static notion of what a Biennale can or will be re-interrogating everything that is important about art and philosophy. 

Bombay Beach has become a perfect microcosm for what happens when both ecological and social care are neglected in extremity. The Bombay Beach Biennial in its third year is a growing art movement that supports seeds of creative thinking in direct response to the current political and environmental disaster denying climate.

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All photographs by Daniella Midenge