Bombay Beach is a place on the literal edge of western civilization, where entropy meets creation--a town that refuses to be forgotten or written off, even as the manmade sea it was built upon disappears, leaving behind it one of the largest ecological disasters in the history of the United States

As the art within the town grows over time and more visitors flock to the area, we hope to enrich the lives of the people that live there while bringing awareness to the plight of the sea that both plagues and sustains them.


Initially known as a “miracle in the desert” and just an hour away from Palm Springs, the once pristine Salton Sea, where Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys spent their weekends performing and sport fishing, and where millions of migratory birds make a critical stopover each year, has become a polluted time bomb. As massive fish-die offs, evaporation, and agricultural runoff threaten this microcosm, the eccentric community of Bombay Beach fight for both the sea and their way of life in the face of daunting political, economical, and environmental odds.


The Bombay Beach Biennale is a top-secret art project and happening that hijacked a moment in this bizarrely fascinating old resort town.  Through an infusion of art, music, and philosophy, we will transform this derelict yet inspiring place that is frozen in time into a living a breathing art movement.