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The Bombay Beach Biennale is a renegade celebration of art, music, and philosophy that takes place on the literal edge of western civilization, at the shores of the Salton Sea. 


Each winter, the Biennale transforms abandoned housing, vacant lots, and decaying shoreline into a unique canvas for creative expression and critical thought. Artists, philosophers, creators and interdisciplinary makers from across the globe flock to the strange place that is Bombay Beach, CA to donate their time and talents to the volunteer-led happening.

The Biennale is deeply dedicated to supporting and working in symbiosis with the Bombay Beach local community. 

The Biennale has been described as a "festival," a "gathering," an "event," a "season," a "happening," a "movement,"etc.


The Bombay Beach Biennale can also be described as a:

  • Social Sculpture 

  • Site for Radical Reimaginings

  • Petri-dish for Politics and Play

  • Stage for [trying to] break the dialectic

  • Toxic wasteland that we are [trying to] terraform to build the queer future of our dreams.

The Official Biennale season begins January 1st of each year, and concludes in a celebratory weekend, the dates of which are spread only by word-of-mouth. 



The Biennale, founded in 2015, transforms abandoned housing, vacant lots, and decaying shoreline into a unique canvas for creative expression. Artists, philosophers, creators and makers across many mediums donate their time and talents to the volunteer-led happening.

Following the movement that has been growing over the last several years, the Biennale community has been living in Bombay Beach during the winter, activating the town over an extended period of time with performances, paintings, sculptures, and community events.

The Biennale now encompasses three months, from January to March, where artists, philosophers, musicians, and community members gather to celebrate the strange and wonderful place that is Bombay Beach.

During Biennale season we encourage artists to spend time in Bombay Beach to work and continue to foster community, and to share our work with visitors. During these months we will be having a variety of talks, workshops, and openings.

Artists (2019):

  • Jordan Cole

  • Alex Andre

  • Damon James Duke

  • Susanna della Sala

  • Randy Polumbo

  • Robert Stivers

  • Wanda Orme

  • Marco Walker & Tomek Sadurski

  • Alexander White


  • Gene Kogan

  • Randy Polumbo

  • Randy Polumbo

  • Dave Day

  • Team Gonzo

  • 'Nine' by Yassi Mazandi

  • Ben Crawford

  • Shigley & Ruspoli

  • Team Gonzo

  • Kenny Scharf

  • Joe Regan

  • Gregg Pichler and Jonathan Strike

  • Lara Hoad

  • Bill Saylor

  • Adisa, dj KAFA, Tah Rei

  • Steve Hash

  • Victoria Grant

  • Attaway

  • Sean Guerrero" Royce Carlson, Nita Carlson,  John Murphy, Jay Cobe. Greg Hillg ,

  • Ian Ruhter | Silver & light

  • Alessandro Giuliano

  • Carrie Schmidt

  • Kirk Kunihiro, Huy Tran

  • K.H.K & The Trash Pirates

  • Pentagon

  • Melody Sample

  • Stefan Ashkenazy, Sean Dale Taylor, Arwen Byrd

  • Uwe H. Martin

  • Kathy Sherman Suder

  • Kathy Sherman Suder

  • Sara Debevec

  • James Ostrer

  • Nicole Nadeau

  • Greg Haberny

  • Group Art Show

  • Aaron Taylor Kuffner, Symmetry Labs, Ysiad Ferreiras

  • Theodore Boyer

  • John Geary

  • Midabi

  • Scott Fitzel

  • Jessica Flax, Maria Cecilia Azar

  • Debra Berger, Daniel Losa & Oliver Thorpe

  • Momo, Den Mom, Uma K

  • Olivia Steele

  • GEM&BOLT Mezcal

  • James Ostrer

  • Frauke Huber, Uwe H. Martin

  • Thomaz Regatos

  • Boris Chouvellon

  • Randy Polumbo

  • Liz Avalon

  • Boris Chouvellon

  • at Pirate's Alley - 4th & E

  • Mark Mack, Anna Meloyan, Mehruss Jon Ahi, Andrew Kovacs, Scrap Marshall, Andrew McNair, and others

  • Moral Turgeman

  • MoMo

  • Laura Austin

  • Tyler McMartin

  • James Ostrer


  • Chloe Norgaard, Olivia Rosenberg, Anthony Maslo, Chase Hodsdon

  • Anna Meloyan

  • Olivia Steele

  • Sarah K Larsen

  • Mark Mack + Anna Meloyan

  • Carmen De Vos

  • Wildflower Boom

  • Olivia Steele

  • Whitney Vance

  • Nastasia Celeste

  • Bo Bushnell, Paul Zuckerman, Steve Glass

  • Mads Christensen / Yarger Projects

  • Tom Early

  • Alexander White, Danvy Pham, Tatyana Tibz, John Geary

  • Olivia Steele

  • Timothy Uriah Steele

  • Martine Pinnel, Melanie Planchard

  • Team Gonzo

  • Gene Kogan

  • James Ostrer

  • Jae Fella

  • debra berger

  • Spencer

  • Stefan Ashkenazy

  • Urs August Steiner

  • David Corcoran

  • Robert Stivers

  • Stefanie Schneider, Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde, Ariel Shelleg, Claire Marie Bailey, Julia Beyer, Carmen De Vos, Christina Fontsare, Lisa Toboz, Josey Cary, Lukas Brinkmann, Leanne Surfleet, Ina Echternach, Anika Neese, Urizen Freaza, Marion Lanciaux, Xulong Zhang, Laurent Photo

  • Paris Pickard, Valentina Avayu, Colin Hornet, Greg Pullier, Sean Taylor

  • Sabrina Hill, Jennifer Korson, Chloe

  • Kirsten Thys van den Audenaerde

  • John Luckett

  • Midabi

  • Keith Jones & Lee Henderson

  • Andrew Couch and Jane Maru

  • Stefan Ashkenazy

  • Olivia Steele

  • Shigley & Ruspoli

  • Damon James Duke, Chris "Ssippi" Wessman

  • Moral Turgeman, Gianpaolo Altomari

  • David Corcoran & Tao Ruspoli

  • Louisa Owen

  • Tyler Morgan

  • Jane Maru

  • Daniel Dugan

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