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The 2023 Biennale was co-created by a countless number of artists, community members and volunteers. This list is neither exhaustive nor complete, but represents a fraction of the conspirators who came together to bring the 2023 Biennale to life. 


If your name is missing, please email and we'll update the list accordingly.


Adam Smith

Surreal Times News Distribution Box

Alison Cooper (w/ Sean Guerrero)

Keep Off Grass - Keep water off grass!

Alain Tang

AI Chaos Equilbrium


Amanda Gonzales

Zero, Bombay

April Leighton

Butterfly House

Bombay Beach Kids Club (Lars, Isis, Tyshaun, Kelsey, Madison, Marzo, Temet, Sadie)

Produced by Candace Youngberg and Paedrin Fusco

Art By Kids!

Brandon Michael Anderson

A Room in the Mind of Brandon

Carl Hopgood

Twelve Steps

Carolyn Weiner, fancyVANDALS


Chris “Ssippi” Wessman

Home of Tomorrow

Christopher Landis

Sea and Desert Reading Room

Caitlin & Quentin

Shattered Beauty (A Mandala of Self-Discovery) 

Czar Tide (w/ Mars College & Delic Tide)

Winds of Bombay & Yal'eau 


Temple of the Scientific Method

Dauwke Fredrix & Martians

The Temple of Silence


Debra Berger (w/ Oliver & Tao)

The Egg

Debra Berger (w/ Sean Guerrero)


Greg Haberny


Helena De Bragança

Marianna Rising, Euphoric Entanglement, Elena's Son (Photo Series)

HYBYCOZO (Yelena Filipchuck + Serge Beaulieu)

Bug Eye

Janenne Willis

Unanswerable Questions & Sea State

Jeff Frost

Transmutation House

Jennifer Korsen


Jimmy Mahaffey (Lovewearxx)

I paint what I love

Joaquin Fargas + Daphne Darko

Planet B

John Geary

Bombay Beach Country Club

Judyth Greenburgh & Jael Hoffman

Fish Skeleton (as above so below)

Karo Pielak

Eyed Garden of Sensations

Kersteen Anderson 

Local Instability Prediction Model 1

Lío Mehiel


Lisa Darling

The Crying Room

Mads Christensen

Supported by Timothy Yarger Projects


Marc Vinciguerra

The Symbol of Sacred Nihilism

Marco Walker 

Atlantis Inn

Maya Alexis (AYAMMAYA)

The Hanging Garden of Babylon

memymom® (Lisa De Boeck & Marilène Coolens)

In Bombay We Trust

memymom® (Lisa De Boeck & Marilène Coolens) & Sean Guerrero

The Fourth Hatch

Members of the Bombay Community Model Collection of Locally Sourced Couture Refuse

Bombay Beach Wear, Locally Sourced Pieces from the Sand and Sea 2023 Collection

Melody Sample

The Dollhouse Theater


The Ocean Remains In Bombay & WOW House

Mitch Deoudes

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

Olivia Steele

It's Only Dirty If It's Done Right & JoeBLive Memorial Gallery

Randy Polumbo


Regina Victor

Pharaoh @ Poetry House

Rob Leifheit

Chapel Perilous

Sarah Larsen

Renaissance for Bones 

Sean Guerrero

Re In Car Nation

Sean Taylor

The Pier

Spencer Davila

dimensional noir

Spenser Little

Wire Sculptures & Animatronic Oddities  

Tao Ruspoli, Joshua Lonetree, RJ Okay, Oliver, David & Michael

The Sub Club

Tornado H.

Holy Saltation

Uwe H. Martin + Frauke Huber

One Pound of Almonds

Vincent Naples

Shadow Selfie



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