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The Fourth Hatch


Belgian artist Lisa De Boeck has been traveling to Bombay Beach for the past two years from Europe and has become an integral part of the BB community. She is half of the artist duo memymom®, an ongoing interdisciplinary project created by Lisa and her mom, Marilène Coolens. In addition to creating a photo series staring BB residents, they premiered “The Fourth Hatch” at this year’s Biennale (constructed with the help of Sean Guerrero).

“memymom's fourth chapter, entitled The Fourth Hatch (2022-2032), explores the complex themes of memory, identity, and the passage of time using a crooked garden shed in their Brussels studio. This shed, representing life's imperfections and idiosyncrasies, is not only a symbol of personal memories and family history but also of troubled times when the world seems crooked and out of balance. To further amplify this idea, the shed has been transformed into a sculpture and placed in the surreal and ephemeral location of the Salton Sea, representing the flooding over of our world.”


Photo by Scott London 

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